Sunday, 22 March 2009

How to...

...choose flattering eye glass frames.

This brief was one of my better ones I think. I managed to collect research and develop my ideas in relation to a specific audience with relatively successful results. The audience being pre-teens, who have found they need glasses and are feeling unconfident about it, for some reason the younger generation of spectacle wearers have this "geeky" stigma attached to them.
Anyway, I planned to get two posters done, one for a boy's magazine, and one for a girl's, since there is such a huge divide between the sexes at that age.

I only managed to produce a girl's poster for the deadline on Monday, though I plan to get a second done for the module hand in.

As far as feedback was concerned, we seemed to be pretty much left to our own devices, and though that's helpful in some circumstances, I felt my feedback suffered as a result. It got some pretty general comments, so I was left wondering how I could take this forward. One comment I did receive was about the girls face, and the fact that she seems a bit older than my target audience. I think this is because of the style I chose to illustrate in, the lines around her face look my like wrinkles than expression lines... Something I'll have to address in the next few days.
Everything else seemed pretty positive! I'll take another look at my hand-drawn type face as well, that could do with a bit of a tidy up. Oh, and I'm going to revise what I write at the bottom of the page, it sounds awful as it is.

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